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Welcome to JHS

Welcome to Jain Heritage School We are school that prides itself not only in fostering academic excellece but also in making our learners spend at school, satisfying, fulfilling and joyous moments. These formative years should be remembered by our children throughout their lives. It is one of the Best Schools in India and

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Mission Statement

"We aim to create a stimulating, caring and rewarding school environment where every child is a valued member, encouraged and supported to ensure that they achieve their potential to the fullest".



List of General Holidays-2017
Uniform & Books Issuing Dates for the Academic Year 2017-18
Spell Bee External Examination 2017 Results
Graduation Day for Advanced Fundamental students will be held on Saturday, 18 March 2017 at School campus.
Fundamentals - Final PTM is on Tuesday 28 March 2017
Holi Celebration / Yellow Day on Monday 13 March 2017
Fundamental carnivals celebration on Wednesday 22nd March 2017
Fundamentals Intra-Class Competition Results-2017
Fundamentals - Story Telling Competition Results
Star of the week-Grade 3 & 4
3 & 4 grade student's special assembly on Shivaratri
Winners of Sirigannada Pratibha Exam
The storytelling competition will be held for Fundamental students on Monday,
February 27, 2017

Track and Field Competition Results :     • Grade 1     • Grade 2     • Grade 3

Graduation Day of Grade 10 will be celebrated at JHS on February 18, 2017
Parikrama Festival at JHS
Re-opening Dates - 2017-18

CBSE Board of Eduacation - JHS    
Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE Affiliation Number: 830424      

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