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Sports @ JHS

Jain Heritage School provides well equipped multi sporting facilities that include cricket, tennis, basketball, volleyball and other indoor games. The school not only develops student's physical abilities but also inculcates a sense of good sportsmanship in all students who further develop different levels of experience from the game.

Pre Fundamental (PF)

The students of Pre Fundamental play the sport for fun and for physical fitness and recreation fun games is part of curriculum.

Swimming: Students walk in the water to get good balance, kicking and breathing technique.

Basic Fundamental (BF)

The students undergo specialized training in Cricket, Basketball, Mini Tennis and Football. Each child is taught basic techniques of the game. Some basic drills are taught to improve their hand eye coordination and also to improve their motor abilities.

Swimming: Students are exposed to kicking, breathing, walking with arm action and jumping.

Advance Fundamental (AF)

The students undergo training in specialized sport like Cricket, Mini Tennis, Basketball and Football. The students in each section are divided into four batches. Each batch on rotation is exposed to four different sports. Basic techniques with drills are taught and demonstrated by the respective coaches.

Karate will be introduced and trained once in a week.

Swimming: Students are exposed to kicking, breathing, walking with arm action, floating and jumping.

Grade 1 to Grade 10
Students will be introduced to all the sports initially. Swimming is mandatory for all the students from Grade 1 to Grade 10. Karate is offered as an optional sport for the students of Grade 1 to Grade 7. The students will be divided into 3 groups i.e. Grade 1 to Grade 3, Grade 4 to Grade 8 and Grade 9 to Grade 10.

Inter house competitions are conducted for Grade 1 to Grade 10 students as per the categories.  As JHS participate in various Inter School Tournaments the school teams are selected (u-14 and U-16 category). In Karate Belt grading test will be conducted.

Salient Features
Students belonging to the age group of 6 to 14 years are given professional sports training
All the students at JHS would be offered 3 ½ hours of specialised sports training in Athletics, Basketball, Badminton, Snooker/Billiards, Cricket, Tennis, Table Tennis, Football, and Swimming
An exclusive academic programme has been designed to suit the academic needs of these students
Flexible Academic Timings would be given to students competing at the state and national level tournaments
Swimming, yoga & meditation would be a part of the curriculum
Periodical interactions are arranged with world class achievers exclusively for the students of JHS
Training programmes would be designed by national / international coaches who would visit these schools regularly and monitor the progress of the trainees
The sports science cell of the Integrated Sports School will provide sports-specific screening, profiling and testing that will add value and fine-tune the training programmes, prevent injuries and improve performance of the children
Video presentations and corrections is the order of the day so that the child can visually see his movements and be corrected in execution of his strokes or flicks as the case may be
Applied sports science research will provide a further insight into optimising individual performances
The sports science team comprises of professionals in the area of sports medicine, sports physiology, sports biomechanics, sports physiotherapy, sports nutrition, sports psychology and strength and conditioning

Sports Infrastructure
Jain Heritage School has a state-of-the-art sports complex “KREEDA”.

KREEDA comprises of :

Matsya - 8 lane Olympic size Swimming Pool with gallery for more than 400 spectators

Laana - Synthetic Tennis Court

Shikya - Synthetic Basketball Court

Patala - The Table Tennis Centre

Phaalakaa - Cricket Field turf with practice pitches

Gulishanku - Billiards & Snooker

Udyatha - Fitness Centre with multipurpose halls

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