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Perfect Student

Awards and Honors

Sampoorna-Shining Star of the class

As the name Sampoorna suggests we commend the effort of the children who have meticulously developed their multifaceted personality from neatness of attire, participation in sports to regular attendance.

Swadhyayana-Academic Achiever of the class

As the name Swadhyayana implies JHS would like to appreciate the sincere self motivated hard work of students in the field of academics.

Pragati-Most Commendable Progress in the class

The process of growth is long and tedious for all, and some of our students have shown commendable perseverance. This category recognizes and applauds their courage.

Shraddha- Most Well Behaved in the class

These children have displayed sensitivity to specific situations and have chosen to behave sensibly.


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