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Day Boarding School in Bangalore


Adventure Learning

Best Day Boarding School

- JHS offers many exciting activities to encourage and develop a spirit of adventure. The activities are carefully devised to discover the value of determination and sensitize young minds to appreciate the beauty and power of nature. The initiative includes session sans chalk and talk, and only encourages participants to take a brisk walk in the search of wisdom that lies within the wilderness of nature. It provides them with great opportunities to learn basic skills like communication, leadership, crisis management and team building in a conducive and challenging environment. 'Nature is the Best Teacher' - and from an array of its offerings, one can observe many forms of life, flora and fauna and learn a lot more by sheer observation. A flight of ducks can teach 'Synergy', an autumn tree can teach 'Perseverance', flowing water can teach 'Transparency', ants can teach 'Team work' and a wave bird can teach 'Precision'.

Extra Curricular Activities

JHS focuses on the studen'ts ability to produce creative ideas that work. Numerous skills that cannot be taught are dispersed through these activities.

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Supplementary Activities
JHS offers multitude supplementary activities like presentations, project work, role-play & drama, group discussions, quizzing, inter class & intra class activities, models & chart making, practical application in laboratories & workshops.

Clubs & Activities
To uplift the positive mindset created by the academic curriculum and sports, an added boost is provided through these clubs. Linguistic, Eco -Science, Fine Arts, Math-Tech & Performing Arts are some of the clubs formed that encourage students to pursue and develop their talent in the field of arts, music, dance, drama or craft.

School Visits and trips
Special visits are arranged from time to time to places connected with the work the children are doing in school. Visits usually take place in school hours.


Throughout the year JHS offers a variety of special events that serve to bring children, parents and staff together.

Typical events include:

Open House
- It is an opportunity for students to bring their parents to school in the evening to show them the work they have accomplished during the school hours.

Awards Day
- The awards day takes place at the end of the academic year. It is on this occasion that JHS honors students from wide areas and interests for their achievements throughout the year.

Sports Day
- The JHS sports day witnesses the teachers, students and parents enjoy a day of track and field activities.

Student Showcase
- The talent show is held every year, where the students are given an opportunity to showcase their diverse talents.

Festivals of our Country
- The festivals of our country are a week long celebration that allows students to learn more about their country .During this week student showcase different cultural activities from across the country

Meals Plan

At JHS, the hygienic refectory serves well-balanced, nutritious food and small mid-day meals.



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