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Founded by JGI, Jain Heritage School is one of the Best Schools in Bangalore aims for a holistic approach to educate and guide students with curriculum (


) and that ensures comprehensive learning experience. Our school is a co-educational,

day-boarding school

with extended day care center. We set the highest standards for academic achievement, intellectual growth, ethical awareness and behavior, and sportsmanship for our students.

The School takes leadership seriously and our emphasis on character development is a point of distinction. The school’s vision and mission attest to the commitment and dedication of faculty and staff, whose scholarly pursuits induce a spirit of innovation and enrich the academic experience for students. Over the years the means of achieving our aims have changed, yet its strategies and planning are still deep-rooted to its vision and origin. It has successfully been able to strike a perennial balance between tradition and innovation to continue to provide exceptional opportunities to deserving students. Our unflagging commitment to each student's intellectual, moral and physical growth creates a school which is defining excellence in education.

JHS believes in the notion that teachers should play a key role in student’s lives. JHS faculty does what the best faculties do: it supports the highest level of academic activity, and it also enhances the dignity of every individual and encourages students to fulfil their aspirations. In this way, the faculty fulfills the founding vision of JHS and contributes to a comprehensive learning environment.

Adventure Learning 

JHS offers many exciting activities to encourage and develop a spirit of adventure. The activities are carefully devised to discover the value of determination and sensitize young minds to appreciate the beauty and power of nature. The initiative includes session sans chalk and talk, and only encourages participants to take a brisk walk in the search of wisdom that lies within the wilderness of nature. It provides them with great opportunities to learn basic skills like communication, leadership, crisis management and team building in a conducive and challenging environment. ‘Nature is the Best Teacher’ - and from an array of its offerings, one can observe many forms of life, flora and fauna and learn a lot more by sheer observation. A flight of ducks can teach ‘Synergy’, an autumn tree can teach ‘Perseverance’, flowing water can teach ‘Transparency’, ants can teach ‘Team work’ and a wave bird can teach ‘Precision’. 

Founder’s Message: We are school that prides itself not only in fostering academic excellence but also in offering a comprehensive environment where learners can experience satisfying, fulfilling and joyous moments.

At a Glance – School’s Promoters

Jain Heritage School is a member of the prestigious JGI Group, headquartered in Bangalore. Initiated in 1990 by the dynamism of its founder and Chairman 

Dr. Chenraj Roychand

, the Group is inspired by a shared vision for a progressive and proactive India through the discovery of dynamic world leaders. Today, the group has grown to 85 vibrant institutions, corporate divisions and entrepreneurial opportunity model. Furthermore, the group enjoys the support and patronage of the industry, academia and thousands of students and alumni who have carried its reputation forward.

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