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Photo Gallery - 2017

Photo Gallery - January 2018

Assembly on Colors & Fruits
Pre Fundamentals

Germination of Seeds
Basic Fundamentals

Visit to Kitchen Stores
Pre Fundamentals

Vanamahotsava- Sanskrit Skit
Grade 7

Assembly on Sankranti

Kite Flying

Assembly on Fruits

Photo Gallery - December 2017

Math Conference

Annual Day
Basic and Advanced Fundamentals

Annual Day
Early Years and Pre Fundamentals

Annual Day
Grade 1 and 2

Annual Day
Grade 3 to 5

Math Exhibition - 2017

Red Day Celebration

Intra Sports and Literary
Pre and Basic Fundamentals

Clay Modeling

Photo Gallery - November 2017

Drag the ball Race

Umbrella Race

JHS - Childrens Day Celebration 2017

Fruit Salad Activity

Photo Gallery - October 2017

Kannada Rajyotsava Day 2

Kannada Rajyotsava Day 1

Helpers Day Celebration

Photo Gallery - September 2017

Dandiya - Fundamentals

Workshop on bus safety measures

Medical Camp - JHS Teachers

Mini Olympics Day 3

Mini Olympics Day 2

Mini Olympics Day 1

Mini Olympics Preliminary Rounds - Advanced Fundamentals

Mini Olympics Preliminary Rounds - Basic Fundamentals

Mini Olympics Preliminary Rounds - Pre Fundamentals

Ganesha Festival
Class-3 to 5

Photo Gallery - August 2017

Krishna Janmashtami Celebration
Early Years

Fancy Dress Competition
Early Years to Grade 5

Independence Celebration at JHS

Krishna Janmashtami Celebration
Basic Fundamentals

Sri Chinmoy Peace Run at JHS

Interaction Session Fly Over Project

Heritage Fest

Rakshabandhan - Grade 6-10

Friendship Day & Rakshbandan
Grade 1 & 2

Photo Gallery - July 2017

SaPa Workshop

Special Assembly on Human Skeleton

Pre Fundamentals - Assembly on Sense organs

Basic Fundamentals-Pretend Play with Dolls

Grade-6-Debate on Will Linking Rivers Solves the Scarcity of Water?

Grade-7-Debate on Usage of Technology Boon or Bane

Grade-8-Debate on Is GST beneficial for Common People?

Pre-Fundamentals Assembly on Body Parts

Young Engineers of JHS-Grade 1A

Young Engineers of JHS-Grade 1C

Young Engineers of JHS-Grade 2A

Young Engineers of JHS-Grade 2B

10th Investiture Ceremony

International Tiger Day

Workshop on Traffic & Road Safety for Grade 8 and 9 students

Hundred Silk Stories Project

Fundamentals Blue Day Celebration

Mother's Day Celebration

Flyover Project

Basic Fundamentals Assembly on Parts of Body

Father's Day celebration

Grade 4 and 5 Debate Competition

Photo Gallery - June 2017

JNMUN Mock Session -Grade 6

Recitation Competition Results

Pre Fundamentals
Building Block Activity

Orientation Program - Grade 6

Cabinet Elections 2017

Advanced Fundamentals Assembly on My Emotions

Orientation Program - Grade 8

Ramzan Celebration

International Yoga Day 2017 Celebration

Fathers Day Celebration

Cabinet Election Campaign

Blood Donors Day

Father's Day Celebration

Early Years Orientation

Mathematics Workshop for the Teachers of Grade 1- 10

Young Engineers of JHS

Shloka Class

Students at Circle Time

Assembly of Advanced Fundamentals - Daisy

Best out of waste Grade 4 and 5

Drawing Competition

Folk Dance Class

Tabla & Dzombe Class

Keyboard Class

Drums Practice

Bharatanatyam Class

Moral Education Class

Guitar Class

Grade 6 Students Playing Cricket

Fundamentals Play Time

Photo Gallery - May 2017

Assembly of Grade 5-10

Sports at JHS

Assembly of Fundamentals

Orientation Program at a glance

Glimpse of Grade 10 Orientation Session

Snapshots of I board training session for Teacher's

Snapshots of Teaching Session

Photo Gallery - March 2017

Women's Day was conducted by Fundamental Students

Women's Day Assembly
Grade 5-10

Assembly on Birds - Basic Fundamental

Photo Gallery - February 2017

Inter House Quiz - Grade 5-8

JHS kids Innovative race

JHS Graduation Day 2017

Science Expo by
Grade 3 & 4 students

Photo Gallery - January 2017

Activity on Solar System by Fundamental students

Activity Healthy food - cooking without fire for Fundamental students

Various activities performed by Advance & Pre Fundamental Kids

Various activities performed by Basic Fundamental Kids

Craft Competition - Advance Fundamental

Fun - Sankranti Celebration

JHS kids flying kites

Grade 7 - Solid Waste Management