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To uplift the positive mindset created by the academic curriculum and sports, an added boost is provided through these clubs .Linguistic, Eco -Science, Fine arts, Math- Tech & Performing Arts are some of the clubs formed that encourage students to pursue and develop their talent in the field of arts, music, dance, drama or craft.

Linguistic Club

Includes English, Hindi, Kannada, French


To develop elocution, debating, recitation skills, enrich general knowledge, quick thinking, writing abilities, enhancing capacities, research abilities, imaginative power while narrating a story as well as listening to a story, improving hand writing, comprehending skills etc.

Eco Science Club:


To develop sensitivity towards the environment and at the same time as young scientists discover, and come out with solutions to harness sustainable development. Activities include re-forestation, waste management, reduce, recycle, reuse, update the discoveries and appreciate the same.

Fine Arts Club:


To develop craft skills, stencils making, to handle a pair of scissors, brush, to develop their imaginative powers, thinking and visualizing skills based on a relevant topic, coloring, painting quality. Note: The club activities are conducted every working Saturday at two levels-(juniors / seniors).
Motto: Think Globally, Work Locally.

Summer Camp

Coloring “Fun with colors”
Clay modeling “Making n moulding”
Origami “Cut, fold n paste”
Vegetable printing “Veggies on paper”
Card making “Creativity on card”
Flower making “Garden with craft”
Wax printing “Magic with wax”
Spray painting “Fun with toothbrush”
Pot painting “Creative pots”
Paper caps “Cool caps”
Sequence work “Work with sequences”
Making puppets “Talking hands”
Splash pool “Cool pool”
Music “Rhythm”
Dance “Nupur”
Yoga “Namaste yoga”
Glass painting
Treasure box
Cooking without fire
Life skills
Fabric painting
Candle making

Sports Training

Table Tennis



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