Work On Your Strengths This Lockdown Phase
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 26 May 2020

Stress-Free Learning at JHS

Work On Your Strengths This Lockdown Phase

Learning never stops they say and this adage has been proved right in the current circumstance. The global pandemic has caused major disruptions in every sector in a span of just a few weeks and we being a super adaptable species have stepped right up to the challenge. We have been forced out of our normal routine life and have been dealing with unprecedented challenges leading to this situation which we label as the new normal. So why not use these precious moments and make the best of it.

Understandably, students would be the most anxious of all. With final examinations and course work all planned well in advance before the shutdown was initiated, students are bound to feel lost, stressed, and worried as to what would happen to their academic plans and the future. But then this event has given rise to the usage of online platforms and tools to ensure the continuity of the teaching-learning process. It also settled down the reservations we had about switching to the online mode of teaching. So with almost everything now accessible and workable from home, students have a lot of free time or rather “me” time which one must utilize efficiently to derive the maximum benefit of it. Lets us quickly run through as to what you as a student can do to better yourself:

Keep social media at a bay:
It is easy to get distracted and pass your time scrolling through the vast content so why not pick that book on the shelf and finish it. You wanted to read it. Catch up on hobbies that you had long forgotten due to lack of time.

Reconsider goals:
Think about your strengths and weaknesses, work through them. Assess your weakness and work on making them your strong points. You are the future of the world so how things shape out depends on you. Be responsible and study hard, take up work that you feel passionate about, and keep moving forward with determination.

Nourish your mind:
Taking care of mental health is very important in times like these which also restricts social gathering. Strengthen your resilience and mental health to make it through this phase. Once again, do not overindulge in social media and stay away from the news. Staying informed is good but over reading into news, articles related to the virus can stress you out.

Revise your syllabus:
After reading your favorite books, catching up on hobbies, go through your course or syllabus. Follow the online classes offered by your school and stay in touch with your teachers to be updated with the latest instructions. Revise your study materials and organize your notes. When the hard time is over and schools re-open, you will not feel left behind.

No matter what the situation is currently, do not worry. Things will be back to normal. You will be able to go for classes regularly, learn and study with your classmates. Meanwhile, let education be your number one priority. So keep learning and keep progressing, the world is your oyster.



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