Why Should your Child Attend Day Boarding School for a Successful Future?
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 15 Nov 2021

Why Should your Child Attend Day Boarding School for a Successful Future

School plays an important role in a kid’s learning process; shaping his personality; preparing the foundation of how the kid will deal with anonymous situations of life. A kid spends a major part of his day in schools, therefore, which school they are joining or the faculty of the school, the activities he/she indulges in plays an important role in shaping their personality. Children in this growing stage are hyperactive, inquisitive, and vulnerable. They need constant monitoring, understanding, and positive engagement in their journey to adulthood.

However, in the growing nuclear family culture, where both parents are working it becomes difficult for them to monitor their kids round the clock at the same time leaving their kids in residential schools would be heart searing for them. The solution is Day boarding schools where under the supervision of expert faculty, your child will lay the foundation of a strong future.

Here are some reasons why should your child attend day boarding school for a successful future:

Constant Monitoring and Supervision Throughout the Day
In day boarding schools your kid will be under the constant monitoring of expert teachers and trained staff members, who are capable of understanding your kid’s needs. Growing kids especially adolescents, experience an emotional roller coaster ride, which can be handled by experts. In day boarding schools you kids stay under the constant supervision of teachers and company of friends which makes them feel at home enabling them to reach their maximum potential.

The Value of Family Bonding
No person is complete without the appropriate family values; unless the kid relishes the love and care of grandparents or the friendship of father and warmth of mother’s love. With a day boarding school, your kid will come back home after school and spend time with family members, interact with them which will shape his humanitarian side and strengthen his/her bond with family.

Scope of Positive Engagement and Physical Activity
Studies say that the age from 9 to 12 is the best age to learn. Growing kids with their inherent curiosity and hyper activeness can be inculcated with hobbies and skills if they get formal training in their areas of interest. Well-equipped and state-of-the-art day boarding schools provide every support for kids to nurture their hobbies and interest.

Day Schools Are Cost-Efficient Than Residential Schools
If you are in the dilemma of choosing between a day boarding school and a residential school, the former is a bit cost-efficient. In residential schools, you will have to bear the cost of food and lodging, which is not required in day schools. Your kid will receive equal care and the same quality of education as any residential school.

With all sorts of advantages, day boarding schools are a good choice for parents who want a successful future for their kids. Day boarding schools are equipped will all the security and safety measures like 24 hours CCTV surveillance and trained security.

Children enjoy their academic life in day schools and have the scope of growing learning and interacting in the educational community with friends, guided by expert teachers ensuring a stronger foundation for adulthood.


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