Why is Career Counseling Important for School Students?
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 3 June 2020

Career Counseling

Why is Career Counseling Important for School Students?

Counseling helps students to get appropriate directions when they are at the threshold of starting a new phase in life. It’s all about getting the right guidance at the right time. After an important milestone in a student’s education like 10th, 12th grade, or University, every student faces this question – what next? The best solution is career counseling and it is recommended during every stage in an individual’s education and career life.

After clearing the board exams, some students may struggle to decide their next plan. With so many options seeking their attention, students will be confused and not be able to focus on what they are looking for. In such scenarios, counselors are the guiding light, showing the students their right path by helping them recognize their innate abilities and accordingly choosing the appropriate field of study and career.

How do counselors help you get on the right path?
They use a variety of methods like asking various questions and having the person do some introspection and self-understanding. This is because; often the answers to life’s questions are right in front of us. We just don’t see them because we are stuck in the melee of everything that is going around us. Counseling involves scientifically developed personality assessment, aptitude tests, and psychometric analysis which enables the counselors to prepare a report of that student, about his/her likes, preferences, and so on. Every individual is born unique with a set of strengths and weaknesses. The key here is to identify these unique qualities and then help them make the right choice in study and career which they will excel in. Sessions with the counselor are always fruitful as they help a student see the pros and cons of a field they wish to progress in. The main aim of it all is to help them choose a stream or career that is in tune with their skills, future aspirations, and job expectations. Counselors help the students gain the confidence to take a firm step in shaping their future.

Career Counseling for High School Students
The school must conduct regular counseling sessions for classes 9th and 11th because these are the levels where students are required to make career-related choices and life-changing decisions. With the advance in technology and the rise in various career choices, students are often confused about what to choose for themselves. Psychometric tests are beneficial in figuring out student's capabilities towards each of their interests. With career counseling, students would be able to understand:

  • Career and stream options as per their interests and talent
  • Alternate career choices if they decide to change their stream in future
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Aptitude and interests

Counseling is also helpful for students to prepare for various entrance exams and tests. It helps them make an informed choice that ensures they avoid the risk of changing a career path. It is of prime importance to pinpoint the work one is cut out for. Counseling is the only way it can be gauged and one can avoid the agony of being a misfit in a field that doesn’t match their skills. It is extremely useful and helps one in organizing their thoughts and ideas related to their future choices. It is required to boost the morale and confidence of the young generations and show them new paths or give new directions which will, in turn, benefit the society in the longer run.



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