Ways to Unleash the Extreme Potential of the Teen Brain
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 19 Oct 2021

 Ways to Unleash the Extreme Potential of the Teen Brain

Most parents fail to understand the sudden emotional outbursts, irrational and impulsive behavior of their kids. The more parents try to reason them and the more obstinate and resilient the kids become. This is explained by human anatomy: an adult think with the prefrontal cortex, teenage kids on the contrary kids use the amygdala for taking decisions.

The prefrontal cortex of the human brain is the rational part that takes decisions based on previous perceptions, the amygdala is the part responsible for experiencing emotions. The conjunction between the rational brain and emotional brain of young adults are not fully developed like adults and hence they cannot think with the same intensity as they feel. This also explains why they cannot recall what they were thinking every time they have an emotional bout.

A human brain reaches 90-95 % of its maximum growth by the age of six, but, the brain remodeling continues till the early 20s. Hence young adults in this period of transition from childhood to adulthood experience a lot of emotional, physical, and hormonal changes. However, the brain at this age is extremely potent and can be channeled to be highly productive and creative in the next phase of their life.

They need expert handling and monitoring and boarding schools can be an option to consider. However, you should not push them to boarding schools, rather acquaint them with how exciting boarding school can be. They stay with friends, learn numerous things, and yet be under complete monitor and care.

Below we have listed some ways through which you can positively channelize your kid's behavior and unleash its extreme potential

The Power of Performing Arts
Performing arts are known for bringing positive influence to our minds. You can encourage your kid in creative activities like learning a musical instrument or singing or attending dance classes. These activities will shape his personality and give him/her better control over emotions.

The Amazing World of Books and Literature
They say ‘books are man’s best friend’, so introduce your kids to the world of books. To begin with, you can instill in their habit of keeping diaries. You can try another form of literature like movies or motivate them for penning down their thoughts. Inspiring them to write down their blogs and create digital content is also a great way of channelizing their energy.

Communicate with Them as Friends
We explained above why teen brains think differently than adult brains, so if you try to restrict them or impose strict rules on them they will react. The best way is to communicate with them as friends, understand their feeling and problems. You need to be flexible with them. Plan vacation or day outs and engage in leisure activities with them.

Make Them Aware of the World Happenings
Acquaint them with the happenings of the world around them. The world is full of events and it is great food for the mind. Indulge in discussions with them, encourage them to form an opinion about social evils, these will help them in forming an opinion and stand for it in the future.

Indulge Their Hobbies
Look out for any hobbies they are interested in: coin collection, stamp collection, gardening, etc. You can encourage them to pick up any sport and provide them a formal training in it.

Teenage or adolescence, typically within the range of 10-19 years is one of the most vulnerable yet formative years of a kid’s life. An adolescent kid needs an environment or wants to be with similar-minded people, yet they must be constantly monitored so that they do not develop any ill habits. However, parents being busy these days might not be able to spare much time with them. For such parents, day boarding schools like Jain Heritage Schools can be of great help as they provide 360-degree care for their kids and monitoring their all-around development.

Parents must ensure that their adolescents have all the support and guidance in this drastic transition of their life. Their transition must be nurtured with mental enrichment and overall wellbeing as this age lays down the foundation of strong, productive, and healthy adulthood. The emotional turmoil is natural, however, if a teen brain is channelized through positive activities you will be able to unleash its extreme potential.


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