Ways to teach organizational skills to kids
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 15 Feb 2022

Ways to teach organizational skills to kids

Organization is a life skill that plays an important role in building a positive character in your kid. Maintaining a daily routine and a bit of discipline in your kid though will make them organized and self-sufficient but, some ways can teach organizational skills to kids.

  1. The Art of “to-do” list
    Teach your kid the habit of maintaining a checklist every time they are assigned a task in regards to class project work or other household chores. Inculcate in them the habit of keeping a writing pad where they can list their to-do’s or the tasks assigned to them.

  2. Motivate use of calendars and teach time management skills
    Maintaining regular calendars can teach your kids the importance of maintaining deadlines of tasks and keeping a chronology about which tasks to finish when. Help them to make time estimations of the tasks they are asked for and maintain a calendar and regularly check if they can finish their tasks in stipulated time. Such habits will help them to enhance their time management skills as well.

  3. The importance of daily routine
    Fix a daily routine for your kid, it is a great way of inducing a sense of discipline and time management skills in your kid. Additionally, following a routine will give your kid a clear idea of what is expected of him in a day, in that way both his planning and organization skills will be enhanced. 

  4. The technique of Color-coding
    Color-coding is a fun way to teach organization skills to your kid. Assign specific colors to each subject, and specific for classwork and homework so that there would be no issue in finding books and copies in time of hurry. Bright colored folders can be used for keeping documents needed for signing or sending of needed. You can advise your kids to use colored pens to highlight quotes or important points while making notes. You also advise them to be their self-checker and use colors to point out their self-mistakes.

  5. Introduce idea organizers
    Introduce your kids to the concept of idea organizers where they can jot down their ideas. This practice will help them to ideate how to execute their concepts. Teach them how to use outliners or web organizers or graphic organizers to complete their school project. They can use idea organizers to take class notes as well. Classroom notes or test preparation can be done in two columns, a narrow column in the right to note down the precise ideas and questions or any clarification and a wider column in the right to note details.

  6. Encourage them to make their mnemonic
    We all the fun math mnemonic “King Henry Died Drinking Chocolate Milk” which helped us remember the chronology of the metric system kilo, hector, decameter, decimeter, centimeter, and millimeter. Many such mnemonics helped us learn and memorize numerous elementary concepts of the grade schools which we remember no matter how old we grow. Encourage your kids to make their mnemonics or fun memory aids for preparing during their tests or make passwords or remember important things.


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