Top 8 Key Benefits of Day Boarding School Education
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 14 Apr 2021

Top 8 Key Benefits of Day Boarding School Education

With a growing culture of the nuclear family and both the parents working, a day-boarding school provides a safe and nurturing place for children.

The regular school hours and the scheduled working hours of parents don’t quite meet; the regular school timings end several hours before the latter, thus creating a challenging time management issue for working parents.

Day boarding schools offer the best solution to this problem. A day boarding is an arrangement where children return to their homes later in the evening to spend quality time with their parents, thus making it a convenient educational option for urban families. In such an arrangement a student remains in the school for extended hours, is provided with meals, and is made to participate in various curricular and non-curricular activities.

Why choose a day boarding school over a traditional day school?

A Well Planned Day: All students are kept fittingly engaged through a well-planned daily routine in academics, sports, and other co-curricular activities.

Support to Parents: With such a set-up, parents remain assured that their child is in safe hands and learning to grow in a healthy environment without compromising on their work life.

Better Social Affiliations: When a child attends a day boarding school, they develop a better social and moral behavior in the company of their peers and teachers at school, and when they return home parents are there to monitor and supervise their behavior.

Economical: Day boarding schools are less expensive as compared to residential schools since such an arrangement does not provide hostel but offer every other facility such as meals, health, security measures, school stationery, co-curricular activities, infrastructure for sports, for the wellbeing and comfort of the child.

Availability of Parents: Parents play the most significant role in a child’s life and having them around is always considered a thing of positive influence. When we speak of a day boarding school, it allows students to return to their respective homes at the end of the day. Thus, a student gets the required parental supervision.

Medical and Health Provisions: Day boarding schools are well-equipped with all the required medical facilities to deal with emergencies like accidents and sickness, where immediate arrangements of an ambulance, a medical supervision team, and a medical emergency room are made when necessary. However, one of the added advantages is that parents too can quickly reach the school to provide the support and care to their child.

Exposure to a Holistic Learning Environment: Most of the residential schools in India are not Co-ed. A gender-specific institution might make your child feel awkward and shy while interacting with the opposite gender in the later years of life such as in an office setting. A Co-ed environment, helps boys and girls to cultivate mutual respect, develop understanding, and support for each another.

Responsible and Interactive: When a child spends a major part of their day in an environment where they spend most of their time with his peers, they eventually become responsible, social, interactive, and competitive in a healthy way.

Despite having a busy schedule some parents are not comfortable with the idea of sending their child to a residential school for such parents the concept of day boarding schools comes as a breath of fresh air. It suits their requirements that ensures proximity as well as participating in the overall growth of their child.

Jain Heritage School is the best day boarding school and also one of the top CBSE schools in Bengaluru that understands the parents need to spend time with their children and be more involved in their child’s life. To make a comfortable experience for parents JHS aims to provide personalized, individual attention to students helping them with their homework, projects, and other class assignments.

JHS as a school ensures that when a parent picks up their child from school, they don’t have to worry about school assignments, rather all they need to do is spend quality time with their child.

It offers education from Pre-Primary to Grade X and provides a value-based learning experience to each student through enriching academic programs, sports education, and cutting-edge infrastructure that enhances a child’s growth, and enables them to explore their highest potential.

When you choose JHS, you choose a better future for your child!


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