Tips to Reduce Your Child's Exam Stress
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 7 Dec 2021

Tips to Reduce Your Child's Exam Stress

Tips to Reduce Your Child’s Exam Stress

Exams are an integral part of the academic life of your kids and with so much competition around the exam, stress is not uncommon. It is very natural for students to be anxious about their performance, dilemma if they have prepared well or not or how the paper will be. Excessive stress during exams can make students nervous and disrupt their preparation and might impact their overall health and make the situation worse.

So here are some tips that you can apply to reduce examination stress.

  1. • Children look upon their parents for assurance so as parents it is our duty to provide them special care and attention and encourage them to win over their worries and dilemmas. Talk with them and assure them that they are can be successful in their exams.
  2. • You should acquaint them with the practical picture giving them attention and imposing over expectation can make them more stressed. Rather try to be empathetic, supportive, and pre-emptive about their exam preparation.
  3. • Supporting your child and encouraging in in every level of their exam preparation is essential to build confidence in them. Spending some quality time, with your child, or taking interest in how he/she is preparing can help them a lot to overcome their exam stress.
  4. • Health is an important part if you want to keep your kid to be successful in his or her exam. Hence following a nutritious diet chart can be a great solution. Food with high fat and sugar content, or those that are rich in caffeine might have a negative impact on your kid’s memory power. Try to avoid such kinds of food, you can rather include fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables that are rich in Vitamin C and are known to increase memory, concentration, and immunity.
  5. • Dedicate a specific time of your child’s routine for regular exercise. Even if they can do 15 minutes of yoga or meditation daily, they will experience a higher control over their emotions and be relaxed overcoming their exam stress.
  6. • Do not burden your child with a strict routine where they lack time for proper rest. Less sleep will lead to fatigue and lack of concentration and hindered reasoning ability of your kid. So make sure that your child is having the required threshold of undisturbed sleep at least for six to eight hours.
  7. • Do not overstress your kid with the exam rather try to loosen him up, and tell her that it is ok to be nervous during exams. Enlighten her that they should be very confident about the preparation they have taken. Explain to them that the more they fear the more they will lose their nerve in the examination hall and their efforts will be in vain.
  8. • Do not compare your kid with others of his age. Remember every kid is special in his or her way; everyone has their forte. Rather ask them to be positive about their strong fields and encourage them to do their best in their exam.
  9. • After they complete one paper, do not push your child in finding what wrong they have done in their previous exams, rather encourage them to concentrate on their next paper.

Parents have an important role to play in subjugating the stress of the exams. However, sometimes children in the process of meeting the expectation of their parents, overstress themselves. Hence parents must educate themselves and make their children relaxed to overcome their stress and fear.


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