The importance of sports in schools
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 6 Feb 2023

The importance of sports in schools

'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.'

How many of you have heard this proverb in your lives? Honestly, zero involvement in sports or any form of physical activity doesn't make Jack a dull boy alone. Rather it kills the creativity, innovation, discoveries, and mastery in their lives.

In this busy world, do you think that your children should not only be dumped with a heavy school bag? Do you believe that a student should not be confined to academics only?

Yes, we all want our children to step out of their bookworm aura now and then and embrace their holistic development through active participation in other extracurricular activities. However, some parents are still not ready to accept the importance of schools in India. They fail to recognise the impact of sports on their children's development and growth. This leads them to believe that they should enroll their children in schools that have active sports clubs.

But, today, after reading this article, you will think differently and understand what unique qualities sports instil in a student's life and can improve their quality of life. So, please don't go anywhere and read it through and thoroughly!

Stay Healthy

Sports help students to stay fit and healthy. They can prevent unexpected diseases and illnesses if they are into daily physical activities. With more and more families adopting a sedentary lifestyle where weekend burgers and pizzas are a must, it is not suitable for children's health. Sports increase bone density and also enhance cardiovascular fitness. It helps them combat high sugar levels and muscular tension and strengthens their lung capacity.

Develop Discipline

Sports activities provide physical, mental, and tactical training to the students. It also makes them mentally strong and disciplined to handle every life situation without getting swayed due to unwanted things or aspirations. One has to follow the rules and regulations of the game, dedicate as per the needs of the games, and obey and respect the coach's decision. All of this cumulates as a discipline in the students.

Reduces Stress Levels

Researchers tell us that students who are into sports experience higher levels of happiness than those who aren't. Aerobic activities such as running or cycling reduce stress and keep mental disorders such as depression at bay. While playing sports, our body releases endorphins, i.e., the brain's natural "feel good" chemicals or hormones, dopamine and serotonin – all of which make you feel good. These hormones help ease your stress levels, and you feel relaxed with exercises or sports activities.

Develop Leadership skills

Students can also take up the captain or team leader role in sports activities. When that happens, it builds their self-esteem and instils leadership qualities. By becoming their team leader, they are compelled to make decisions for the team. This carves their decision-making skills and will be useful if they lead a team in their workspace in the future. They also learn to motivate their teammates, and it also helps them build good leadership qualities when they enter the corporate area.

Better Performance in Academics

Sports activities can also motivate students to perform better in academics. Their minds feel rejuvenated and refreshed with new thoughts and ideas, which can be a good start to their academic planning. As one becomes physically and mentally fit and healthy, it also motivates one to perform better academically.

Develop Self-esteem

Sports activities can help students boost their self-esteem and self-confidence. Even small things like an appreciation for passing the ball correctly or a pat on the back can enhance their self-esteem. This encourages them to perform better and practice until they ace it.


Therefore, sports should be a significant part of any school curriculum because it helps the children stay physically, mentally and emotionally fit. Participation in sports activities also enhances their confidence levels and builds positive self-esteem. They also learn important life skills such as discipline, leadership, teamwork, patience, and social skills, which can be useful for them in the future. Therefore, to balance academic needs, daily sports involvement is a must-must for every student!


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