The Complete Guide On How to Improve Memory and Concentration in Your Child
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 13 Sep 2022

The Complete Guide On How to Improve Memory and Concentration in Your Child

A Brief Introduction

Memory and concentration are two of the most powerful weapons that human beings need to shape their future. And the journey to boost these miraculous power start right from childhood. If you are a parent and looking for ways to take the memory and concentration in your child to the next level, then you need to take care of a few things.

We all know that technology is now accessible to almost every kid in society. However, did you know prolonged screen time can alleviate the attention span of your child? Even adults are facing the same issue, and despite knowing the consequences, they are unable to limit their screen time most time. That means when it comes to your child, you have to be much more understanding and patient.

Top Tricks to help boost memory and concentration in your child

Researchers have already found many ways to help parents when it comes to improving the memory and concentration of their children. And it is time to check out some of them below:

Prepare Study Schedules & Execute it:
Your child needs to have a proper study schedule on a day-to-day basis. Thus, you can help your little one to concentrate better with high productivity. And high productivity means achieving more in less time. That means your child can take part in extracurricular activities as well to broaden their horizon. Do not forget to make a schedule for napping and playing. It helps kids focus better and remember the concepts they learned for a long time.

The lack of an appropriate schedule may make kids lethargic, sleepy, and unmotivated. That means there would be an absence in the balance between study time and playtime. It is also a must to familiarize your child with the importance of creating and maintaining a schedule so that they can find it interesting to work accordingly.

Leverage the power of Visual Aids:
Visual aids are one of the best ways to boost memory and concentration in children. Studies have already showed how kids can remember visual images more than words they read. That is why you should incorporate as many visual storytelling strategies as possible into the study materials for your child.

In other words, use as many images as possible to help your child memorize the topics faster and easier. Leveraging the power of flashcards is also an excellent way to boost the focus and memory of your child. Encourage them to draw based on their understanding of the concepts they learned.

Make the Study Space as Distraction-free as possible:
Distractions shorten the attention span and lessen the concentration level in not only children but also in adults. Hence, it is a must to keep all electronic devices away from the study space of your kid. Moreover, make all study materials accessible to your little one so that they do not need to search for an item for longer by getting up from their position repeatedly.

In addition to the above tips, do not forget to encourage your child with a reward once they successfully complete a day’s task. Show your appreciation to them with a thoughtful reward.


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