The Potential of Play: How Games for Kids Help Them Thrive?
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 19 Oct 2021

 The Potential of Play: How Games for Kids Help Them Thrive?

As goes the old saying, 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy', we all know that playing is an integral part in the overall development of kids. Playing is the best medium to keep kids active and healthy along with boosting their cognitive, physical, and emotional development for the coming stages of their life. In the blog below we will acquaint you with the benefits of playing regularly and how it helps kids grow to be a successful person.

How Kids Can Benefit with Regular Playing

Playing is synonymous with childhood; it is the optimal vehicle that drives childhood towards a strong adulthood. Here are few ways how regular playing benefits kids:

A Healthy Mind-set : While playing children are engaged in various activities like running, responding to game rules, make a new game rule, communicate with their playmates, and much more. These activities trigger their cognitive, communication, health, and emotional quotient.

A Healthy Body : Playing undoubtedly involves a lot of physical activity while playing like, running, stretching their body, holding playing equipment engaging with the things around them. A lot of health issues that children are facing lately like obesity, juvenile diabetes, or behavioural problems can be kept under check with an hour of playing daily.

Secretion of Positive Hormones : While playing the hypothalamus and pituitary gland secretes a hormone known as Endorphins that are mood boosters. These hormones relieve children from feelings of anxiety and fear. There are some other hormones like Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Dopamine that are released in the body when children play which boosts that feel good factor of kids, makes them want to bond with friends, and are natural stress busters.

Learn things on their own : Playing boosts, the reasoning and cognitive capabilities of kids as they devise new playing ideas and learn new things on their own. This self-learning process helps in the remodelling process of the brain and builds better conjunction between the prefrontal cortex and amygdala of the brain which will later help them in handling their emotional outbursts in their teens.

A Strong Decisive Power : Kids make their own choice and decisions while they play and they have to face the consequences of those decisions and choices. Such action builds their character and makes them morally strong, ready not to be broken by any failure and rejection of the future.

Regulated feeling for strong adulthood : Kids have insatiable inquisitiveness for know things, playing allows them to be close with nature and understand the world around them. It regulated their feelings, induces a sense of delayed gratification and self-control, the qualities that are required most for the foundation of strong adulthood.

High Focus and Time Management Skills : Playing develops two more qualities in kids: concentration and time management. While playing kids have to complete all their tasks within the stipulated time and yet they complete the game they started aware of the time. Such activities inculcate skills of multi-tasking along with the above-mentioned qualities of concentration and time management.

An All-Round Care for Boosting Sports Potential in Kids

It is hard to find any kid who does not like to play, however, parents must find a balance or make a routine so that they devote equal tasks to other activities as well. If the kid is indulged in any hobby sport, he/she must formal training in the sport. All these require a quite lot of time and expertise in handling kids, understanding them. Parents today have quite a busy schedule, and they might be able to monitor their kids with the diligence required.

A day boarding school or a residential school can be a considerable option for parents who are unable to devote much time to their kids. Residential or day boarding schools have experienced teachers and facilities to meet every need of children and provide them an adequate environment to nurture the spirit of playing.

Jain Heritage School (JHS) for example is one of the best schools for games in Bangalore . The school motivates the love for sports and games in kids and makes every arrangement for kids who have a knack for sports. The schools have dedicated sports coaches and notification of various sports events and the required infrastructure for encouraging students to play.

If you want to know how JHS helps parents and students understanding the potential of play, feel free to reach us out today.!


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