Preparing for CBSE Day Boarding School Admissions: Tips for Parents and Students
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 20 Oct 2023

Preparing for CBSE Day Boarding School Admissions: Tips for Parents and Students

A recent study by an English Daily revealed the growing popularity of day-boarding schools have increased by 50% amongst Indian parents in the post-pandemic era. Several parents are opting for CBSE-affiliated day-boarding schools as they provide a dedicated team of teachers, and a conducive learning environment for their children. Day-boarding schools have become a favourable choice for parents who may have limited time to personally care for their children but desire a safe and supportive upbringing. With fewer distractions, children in boarding schools have the advantage of dedicating more time to their academics, social interactions, and personal pursuits, leading to comprehensive development. However, many parents grapple with the decision of sending their children to day-boarding schools, primarily due to concerns about the physical distance and the uncertainties that lie ahead. Today, we shall help the parents and the students with some tips to navigate their CBSE day-boarding admissions.

Research about the Schools

Every parent should invest considerable time in researching different day boarding schools as each may have varying academic standards, teaching methodologies, and curricula. Researching the background of the school also helps parents identify the credibility of these schools that aligns with their child's needs and goals. To streamline the search for the right boarding school, parents should start by creating a basic checklist that includes their preferred locations, gender specifications (whether an all-boys, all-girls, or co-ed day boarding school), safety, faculty and other factors. Parents should also consider factors such as the school's fees to ensure that they are financially viable to bear the expenses. Furthermore, the parents should focus on the curriculum offered, as many day boarding schools in India offer a variety of extracurricular activities to foster a child's creativity and skill development.

Getting Ready for Campus Visits

The parents should pay close attention to essential details while preparing for campus visits. The campus tour typically begins in the admissions office, where a staff member provides a brief overview, guides the family through a tour of the campus, and schedules the student interview, essay or testing (if required), and additional parental consultation. The student interview is a crucial step in day-boarding admissions, therefore, it's advisable to compile a list of questions that can help gain deeper insights into the school's environment. Parents can ask questions inquiring about the features of the day-boarding school, available clubs and specialised programmes, sports offerings, daily schedules, weekend activities, orientation sessions, and various others. The thorough questioning and personal engagement during the visit can provide a comprehensive understanding of the institution from both the parent's and the student's perspective.

Meeting the Admission Criteria

Although many day boarding schools may share some similarities, each one of them may have distinct educational prerequisites. Admission into day-boarding schools requires a child’s academic performance in prior years, with a particular emphasis on the two most recent academic years. Additionally, some institutions may ask the child to undertake an entrance examination, which could encompass subject-specific tests such as English, Hindi, mathematics, or a comprehensive academic evaluation. When it comes to the documentation needed for boarding school admissions, the parents must submit the original birth certificate of the child, issued by a municipal corporation or relevant civic authority. A current, self-attested photograph of both the child, and the parents, coupled by their Aadhar Card is also mandatory. Parents should also carry authenticated photocopies of their child’s mark sheets from the past three years, and a transfer certificate to complete the admission process.

Mental Preparedness for the Journey

As day-boarding schools have a diverse student population, therefore a child must keep any preconceived notions at bay and foster an open-minded outlook towards their peers in the school. A child should also forge meaningful connections at school as it will be beneficial for their well-being and personal growth. Furthermore, it is very important for the parents to encourage self-independence in children before they begin their day-boarding classes. Promoting the development of independence in children is best achieved through everyday experiences that facilitate their growth into competent and self-reliant adults. These activities involve instilling a sense of responsibility, whether at home or school, such as, choosing the colour of their socks, and granting them time for independent activities. Providing children with opportunities for independence from an early age helps them to learn how to self-manage and become increasingly self-sufficient.

Way Forward

In the wake of the post-pandemic era, there is a growing surge in the popularity of CBSE day-boarding schools among Indian parents. These schools not only provide quality teaching staff, but also cultivate an optimal learning environment, prompting many parents to opt for this mode of education. While the advantages are evident, parents may still find it challenging to prepare for admissions to these schools. By conducting thorough research into different day-boarding schools, parents can tailor their choices to align with their child's unique needs and aspirations. Furthermore, parents should undertake campus tours and ask insightful questions to make an informed decision regarding the school's suitability. Parents need to familiarise themselves with the essential academic prerequisites and documentation, ensuring a smooth admission process. Lastly, it's essential for parents to recognise the importance of fostering independence in children from an early age. As the educational landscape continues to evolve, these insights and guidelines aim to provide parents and students with the confidence and knowledge necessary to embrace the unique advantages of day-boarding schools in India.



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