Positive and Negative Impact of Technology on Education
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 28 Feb 2022

Positive and Negative Impact of Technology on Education

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” - Alvin Toffle

Education is one the best things that happened to the human race. Learning has been a dynamic process for the human race since the time man discovered fire he learned to cook; he invented the wheel and learned the path of building the modern civilization. Every time he took a little step he learned new things. However, the recorded date of the inception of formal education is during 2061-2010 BC in Egypt's the Middle Kingdom. The evolution of technology surprisingly was almost parallel to education, as he learned new things he invented new technologies which again contributed to his learning new things.

However, the advent of modern technology in the 18th century marked the genesis of the industrial revolution and the invention of the modern machine. Technology was gradually infused with every aspect of human life from architecture to healthcare to education, which altered human life tremendously. But even things designed with the best intentions are imperfect and have negative impacts or repercussions upon excessive use.

In this article, we will discuss both the negative and positive impacts of the infusion of technology in education.

Positive Impact of Technology On Education

Below we have tried to highlight how technology positively impacts the growth of education

  1. 1. The infusion of modern technology augments the learning and study experience of the students with the help of computers, laptops, tablets, smartboards, TV, 3D Printers, Projectors, and other modern-day gadgets.

  2. 2. The use of modern technology in education makes learning highly interactive and communicating which motivates the students to learn new things much contrary to monotonous textbooks.

  3. 3. Educating students with the aspects of technology prepares them to have an idea about futuristic technologies and develop new ideas.

  4. 4. Technology introduced the practice of new methodologies of learning like audiovisual techniques like online lectures, chats, blogs, presentations, and eBooks, and by gamification of learning technique which makes learning more impactful.

  5. 5. Teachers nowadays use aids like smart boards, television, computers, laptops, and projector which makes imparting education easier. Teachers also use educational applications like PowerPoint, MS-Word, Quiz App, to make evaluation fun and interesting.

  6. 6. Internet is one of the amazing products of technology that makes gathering learning Information easier. With the help of the internet, students can easily complete their homework, home tasks, projects, assignments, and quizzes assigned to them easily and efficiently.

  7. 7. Modern technology eased the process of distance learning with the help of modern technologies internet and computer system.

Negative Impact of Technology on Education

Below we have tried to highlight how technology is a negative impact on the growth of education

  1. 1. Students are becoming highly dependent on modern technology which curbs their memory power at a certain level.

  2. 2. As study materials are easily available on the internet students do not use creativity to do their assignments.

  3. 3. The distraction caused by modern technology via social media and online entertainment mediums wastes the precious time of the students.

  4. 4. Handwriting skills are highly depreciated as the use of pen and paper is replaced by modern technology with electronic gadgets.

  5. 5. The internet is full of information both correct and wrong. Students are often misguided with wrong information gathered from the internet.

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