How CBSE Day Boarding Schools Promote Holistic Education and Personal Growth
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 16 Aug 2023

How CBSE Day Boarding Schools Promote Holistic Education and Personal Growth  - JHS

Bangalore is hailed as India’s Silicon Valley but it is home to some of the best day boarding schools in India that follow the CBSE curriculum. A recent survey suggested that CBSE day boarding schools are gaining fast momentum in Bangalore’s landscape because of their well-rounded curriculum and progressive approach to education.

When we speak about holistic education, we look for an education system that prepares students to tackle all the challenges that come their way. With the help of a holistic education system, we can contribute towards a student’s overall well-being, which includes their physical, mental, emotional, and social development. Let us understand in depth how these CBSE day boarding schools promote holistic education and personal growth in students.

Well-Rounded Curriculum

CBSE schools follow a curriculum that emphasises a balanced approach to education. Along with academics, students are also engaged in different extracurricular activities such as arts, sports, music, drama, and various others. The balanced curriculum of academics and extracurricular activities allows the students to discover and develop their talents beyond academic skills. Moreover, active engagement in extracurricular activities also aids the students in exploring their interests and passions while also nurturing skills like critical thinking, communication, team-building and problem-solving.

Life Skills Education

CBSE day boarding schools often include life skills education as part of their curriculum. With the help of this approach, students can get access to structured lessons and activities that cover a wide spectrum of life skills, such as communication, decision-making, problem-solving, time management, stress management, and others. The inclusion of life-skills education in the curriculum, CBSE day boarding schools prepare the students to develop a strong foundation for emotional intelligence and social competence.

Experiential Learning

CBSE day boarding schools emphasise the concept of ‘learning by doing, where students engage in experiential learning like experiments, projects, field trips, hands-on projects, seminars, and interactive workshops. The active involvement of the students in these practical learning activities helps them delve deeply into a topic and gain a comprehensive understanding. With the help of practical learning, students are motivated to apply theoretical concepts to real-life scenarios, thus bridging the gap between classroom learning and the practical application of knowledge.

Cultural Exchange and Diversity

CBSE day boarding schools often have a diverse student body, which is often celebrated through cultural exchange programmes, festivals, and events. Through exposure to different cultures, parents can foster tolerance, open-mindedness, and an appreciation for global perspectives in their students. Besides this, many CBSE day boarding schools incorporate an inclusive curriculum by introducing diverse cultural perspectives that explore different cultures, literature, history, and art from different regions of India and the world. This diverse exposure helps students appreciate and respect cultural differences.

Leadership Opportunities

CBSE day boarding schools encourage students to take on leadership roles within the school community, such as being class representatives, club leaders, or event organisers. By engaging in these leadership experiences, students are able to enhance their confidence, communication, and decision-making abilities. As students have to stay in day boarding schools for extended hours, several students who excel academically often take on roles as peer tutors and assist their classmates with subjects they are strong in. This peer-to-peer teaching cultivates leadership and enhances understanding in students.

Way Forward

The growing popularity of these institutions in Bangalore can be attributed to their well-rounded curriculum and holistic approach to education. CBSE day boarding schools not only help students excel academically but also lay a foundation for personal growth and character development. The schools offer a blended curriculum of academics with extracurricular activities, thereby providing a conducive environment for students to grow and learn. Through experiential learning, students actively engage in projects, experiments, and workshops that help them bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application. Moreover, the diverse classroom environment enriches students' perspectives, allows them to appreciate other cultures and prepares them as global citizens of tomorrow. In embracing these approaches, CBSE day boarding schools emerge as catalysts for holistic education and personal growth, shaping students into well-rounded individuals prepared to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the future.



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