Enhancing a Stress-Free Learning Environment for Your Child!
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 11 May 2020

Stress-Free Learning at JHS

Enhancing a Stress-Free Learning Environment for Your Child!

As educational institutions are becoming more stringent and competitive in all levels whether it is in academics, sports, or earning scholarship students everywhere experience a considerable amount of school stress. This stress can affect performance on tests, participation in classes, and the well being of the child as a whole. Therefore, it's vital for schools to have a collection of effective stress management techniques that can create joyous healthy memories of school days for children rather than anxiety.

Certain factors such as examinations, deadlines, peer pressures, poor time management cause stress among students. It is very important for schools and also parents to identify the stressful behavior in the children at the initial stage itself and their feelings should not be overlooked. Building up of stress can later lead to high levels of anxiety, depression and antisocial behavior in children.

It is a crucial decision for the parents to choose the right school for their child, a school that collaborates with parents to develop a trusted partnership in creating a stress-free learning environment for the children.  In a stress-free learning culture, a child prospers in every aspect that gives them the freedom to explore their imagination, channelize their talent, and builds confidence in them. One such school that truly strives to create that environment is Jain Heritage School (JHS) situated in Bangalore. In JHS the focus is not only on academics but on physical, mental, emotional growth is equally given importance.

Like adults children often find it hard to comprehend their feelings, thus in JHS students are dealt with care where the teachers encourage them to cherish their talents and explore their potentials. In this way, each student is made to believe that they are unique in their own way building confidence and not a competition among them.

JHS truly believes that education is for life and not just for living. The curriculum of the school focuses on value-based learning and students learn about culture, custom, religion, tradition, appreciation and universal oneness that is essential for the development of character.

Fun activities in the classroom, helping students in time management, to become self-disciplined and organized individuals are encouraged by the teachers in JHS. The roles and responsibilities towards family, community, and society as a whole are taught to the students that bring a sense of responsibility in them. Rather than competition participation, team spirit and cooperation is always imbibed in the students.

Parent-teacher meetings are a vital part of the school curriculum. The parents not only get feedback about their child’s academic progress but also receive every advice and guidance from the teachers to understand their child at a deeper level. The school makes sure that examinations, deadlines, homework do not lead to stress in students rather they are able to overcome it with a positive outlook. Instilling leadership, confidence, socialization skills, and a positive attitude is also encouraged among the students.

As children grow through various stages of life from childhood to adolescence they encounter, learn and experience many new things in life. The transformation towards a reality-driven approach often leads to stress and anxiety, however with parents and schools coming together with care, support and the right mentoring they can create a stress-free learning system that will lead to rewarding results in growth and development of the child in a holistic manner.



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