ECO drive at JHS


Dear Parent,

While teaching is one thing, we are encouraging children of Jain Heritage School to take concrete steps to reduce their use of plastic as it poses a danger to both human health and the environment.

We support the movement created by Siyona Vikram, 11-year-old award-winning podcaster, environmentalist, and a student of our school studying in grade 6. We are joining her Bengaluru-level effort through her club, Little-WISE (Warriors Inspiring Sustainable Earth). Siyona Vikram is raising awareness about the harmful effects of plastic toys on children. Through her club, she is collecting back mainly plastic toys and other household plastics for an immediate effect on better air quality in children's homes.

She has even raised a petition on for this very reason.

Listen to Siyona's Podcast episodes on this topic:

- Discussion on chemicals in our toys with an advisor to the United Nations: Click Here »

- Discussion with a paediatrician on the effects of these chemicals: Click Here »

- Introduction to Little-WISE: Click Here »

The Little-WISE club is slowly, but surely targeting the plastics entering our landfills and water bodies. So far, the club has managed to eliminate almost two metric tons of plastic with the help of 1200+ eco-warriors, mainly children. We are proud to be associated with this club. The collected plastics are sent straight to a pollution board-approved plastic recycler.

We are conducting this drive at our school lobby on 9th February 2023 (Thursday) between 9:30 am to 1:00 pm at JHS

Important Information:

• You can come with your plastic toys and other household plastics anytime between the above timings or send the same with your ward.

• Ensure the plastics do not have any wetness or rotting food.

• Your plastic will be weighed.

We hope parents will encourage their children to take part in this initiative with great enthusiasm. Teach your young ones the importance of conserving our nature and mother earth.

Let us stand up for what we stand on!