7 Positive Signs that Show your Child Loves School
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 9 August 2017

Kids spend most of their time at school playing around and learning new things. Hence, schooling becomes an essential part of a child's overall development, If the schooling is not proper, then it may adversely affect a child's behavior. The schooling period should be worth cherishing and parents should make sure that their little ones are having the best time at school.

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Every parent wants to see their child in the best school but they assume, that is all of it. As a parent, they believe, that's what their duty is and rest all will be taken care by the school and teachers. This is where they go wrong. As a parent, your duty never finishes in finding a top school for your kid, rather, you need to make sure that your child is really enjoying their time at school and is loving it.

Some children hate going to school no matter how good it is. The reasons may seem silly to parents but it's not the case with students. Some students cannot put up with their teachers, some cannot concentrate on their studies and end up getting low grades, some are traumatized by being bullied and, getting up early for school is the toughest task for some kids. All these can be worked upon with the help of parents and teachers, given they treat these issues with patience, love, and care.

Now again, we should not generalize and conclude that all the children fall under "I hate school" category. There are a huge number of children who at times love their school more than their home.

Let us look into some signs which show that your little munchkin is totally in love with their school and also the factors which make them do so.

Your child talks about his/her school so much and misses going to school while on a holiday. If this is the case, then half the battle is won! What more do you need as a parent? This is one of the best signs cementing the fact that your child loves his/her school.
Research shows that the children, irrespective of their age, like to engage themselves at school and that is one of the reasons why they love being at school. If the engagement levels are high, then no doubt your child will love going to the school.
Teachers play a crucial role in making the child love their school. They should make them understand that what they study at school really matters and it will make their life better.
Always make sure to welcome your child with the biggest smile on your face once he or she returns from school. Ask about how good their day was, what they did, who is their best friend and let them talk their hearts out.
Make sure that you do not make them too comfortable while they are at home and down with a fever or cold. Once they get to taste how good it is to be idle and sitting comfy at home, they'd find home a better place than school.
If your child really loves his/her school, it will reflect in their academics as well. They might also love to participate in extra-curricular activities held at the school. As mentioned earlier, children love to be engaged in some or the other activity.
Keep in touch with the teacher to assess your kid's progress. Your kid spends 5 days of a week with their teachers at school, so if your child suddenly feels low, the teacher should be the one to know the reason for that sudden change.

Last but not the least, talk to your kids and make them feel excited about going to school and make them understand that heading towards a classroom is not something that they should dread, but something that will go a long way in their coming years.


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