Why Choose Bengaluru as Your Study Destination
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 15 June 2020

Bengaluru as Your Study Destination

Silicon Valley of the East, Garden City of India, Pensioner’s Paradise, Bengaluru (earlier known as Bangalore) has so many endearing names. The capital city of Karnataka, a state in southern peninsular of India, Bengaluru is a place that maintained its charm and appeal amidst the tide of time. With a moderate and pleasant climate throughout the year, this city has a rich heritage, cosmopolitan culture, and a future that has something to offer to everyone who comes to this part of the country.

A culturally diverse state, Karnataka is considered as a prominent knowledge state in India. It is home to several national-level institutions in almost every disciple with one central university at the helm of intellectual power, over 18 deemed and private universities, and many prestigious institutions like IIM, TIFR, NIMHANS, IIIT to name some. Students from all across the country and world prefer Bengaluru for a wide range of educational opportunities it offers. According to global education consultancy reports, Bengaluru has been rated as the country’s best student city followed by Mumbai and Delhi. The parameters for ratings were based on job opportunities available after graduation, the number of high ranking universities, affordability, and feedback from students who have lived in the cities

If these aren’t convincing enough to decide on where you should be heading for your study plans, maybe a quick round-up of this beautiful destination will help:

Manageable Cost of Living:
One of the most flocked metropolitan cities in India, the city has always warmly welcomed its migrant population. The space management and planning combined with infrastructural makeovers of good standards have made it possible to live comfortably in this city. There are several flats, independent houses, and serviced apartments that are luxurious yet easy on the pocket.

The Climate:
Situated at an altitude of 920 meters (3021 ft.) above sea level, Bengaluru will soothe you with its pleasant weather throughout the year. The city witnesses both southwest and northeast monsoons with the temperature around the winter season dropping down to 20 degrees and enjoyable summer days.

The fusion of New and Old:
Bengaluru is one of those places that cherish its rich history, restoring and respecting its values while seamlessly blending it to perfection with the modern elements of time. Here you get to glance at heritage sites built by prominent personalities, soaking in its grandeur while marveling those high rises peering into the eager sky, all at the same time. It’s a city that dons its tradition with pride and celebrates the various multi-ethnic cultures with equal fervor.

Lifestyle and Safety:
Its leafy avenues and quiet suburbs with an influx of people from all over the world have contributed to open-minded city culture. With the sprawling layout and various choices in entertainment be it movies, scenic visits, or dining, the city has it all one seeks for a comfortable and safe lifestyle.

Powerful Economy:
Listed as the top 10 fastest growing cities in the world, the economy of this city is an important part of the economy of India. Its host to several wide ranges of heavy and light industries, pharma, aerospace, finance along with textiles manufacturing, and local handicrafts product.

Out of the many reasons listed above, the biggest of all would be the lucrative job opportunities Bengaluru rolls out because of the presence of various MNCs and industries. This also allows many academic institutions to collaborate with these industries and offer a chance to help the students pursue their educational goals, gain practical knowledge, and imbibe professional competencies.



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