Top 5 ways for helping your kids with their homework
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 16 Mar 2021

help your kids with their homework.

Learning does not end when the last bell rings at school. When students carry work home, it is a great time for parents to play a role in their kid’s education. Homework benefits students to improve skills by providing extra time for research, nurtures independence and responsibility, and instils time management abilities. Parent’s initial support in helping their children understand and practice homework sets the child up for the scaffold of growing responsibilities.

Top 5 Homework Tips for Parents

Here are the tips that can benefit your child by bringing harmony back into your homework routine.

Establish a Routine: The primary step in crafting a positive homework pathway for your child is by mainly creating a routine. Parents should impose a different homework strategy and routine. Base this after-school routine on your child’s personality. When you have chosen a time, stick to it. This becomes a normal activity that is accomplished every day and not a task they fear. Also, avoid late evening where most of the children are in meltdown time.

Accountability and Responsibility: Irrespective of a child’s age or school grade, a parent must have a track of homework and assignments. Parents should follow clear rules of writing down assignments in a notepad or remembering to carry all essential homework materials, such as books or calculators. If a child fails to hold up their end of the bargain, then the established consequences should be imposed.

Break Down Large Assignments: It is common for students to not know exactly how to start a large homework project, which can make them sense discouraged and defeated before they have even started. As an alternative, when they get a big task that is spread out across a few weeks, help them break it into small phases, giving each one a small task that can be accomplished within one study session. This way your child feels proficient by tackling larger tasks.

Teach Prioritization: Once a regular time has been set, it is time to emphasize the assignments themselves. If your kids have a big list of work that needs to be completed and might not know where to start, parents can intervene and explain to children how to prioritize their tasks. This can particularly be the instance when children are in secondary school and have many subjects to stay well-versed with. To make it stress-free, it is a great idea to sit down together and create a list of homework that needs to be completed and by when. This way your child knows exactly what and when they need to be working. Having a perfect priority list can also be useful for staying on track, sticking to targets, and gives you a sense of satisfaction.

Get Organized: For younger children, a parent should build a homework calendar that both the parent and the child can access and see. This helps a child in strategizing and creating a schedule for long-term projects. 

Other than these school homework strategies, a parent should serve as a motivational academic supporter. Approach homework with an encouraging outlook, and regularly reward the child with positive comments. With the exact homework space and attitude towards learning, both you and your child will be able to relish the learning process.



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