Role of Boarding Schools in Developing Good Manners and Etiquettes in Children
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 9 Feb 2021

Role of Boarding Schools in Developing Good Manners

Many parents prefer boarding schools nowadays. There are many reasons for it. Intensive quality and holistic education are two main reasons why we like boarding schools. Social development varies depending on various factors. Surprisingly, it even depends upon whether a child attends day school or boarding school. The  best boarding school today would prioritize the study of educational psychology.

Why do boarding schools lay the foundations for a student's sociopsychological development?

We spent our childhood learning that a student is a replica of his/her teacher. When we expect our kids to exude excellent mannerisms and etiquettes, the teachers in the first place should possess them. Manners and etiquettes for students are the sole ingredients for success. Each of our actions influences the overall effectivity of our qualifications. Ethicality and morality shape our demeanour. Therefore, boarding schools should create a conducive environment for the intramural and extramural development of its pupils. 

What are manners and etiquettes?

The sole purpose of education is to create opportunities and enable students to foster them. The only way to nurture the national heritage is through the development of mannerisms and etiquettes. 

The aim of a boarding school should be the acknowledgement of academic etiquettes. Human education is a process including perception, comprehension and reflection. Boarding schools should create examples of human welfare and interpersonal connectivity. 

Below are the reasons for developing mannerisms and etiquettes:

  1. 1. Make him/her an independent supporter of himself and classmates
  2. 2. To allow the students to learn from mistakes and abstain from repeating them.
  3. 3. To foster productivity in them.
  4. 4. To enable students to transform the social web into an educational hotspot
  5. 5. To convey the importance of empathy in students.
  6. 6. To nurture the importance of self-esteem in students.
  7. 7. To enable students to differentiate between self-esteem and offensive ego.
  8. 8. To make the students realize the dream of a noble society.
  9. 9. To make the students a guild of responsive citizens.
  10. 10. To help students develop ethical conducts and moral codes.
  11. 11. And ultimately, to teach the students art of excellence.

Good manners at school set the best example for the students' future. When schools acknowledge the need for mannerisms, their behaviour reflects the same. When students follow the instructions, they perpetuate whatever they have seen. A teacher is a founder.

How can teachers make their pupils independent and supportive?

Most ideal institutes enrich their premises with truthfulness, levelheadedness, integrity and benevolence. Boarding schools should also strive to foster productivity in students. And schools should achieve it by promoting the core values in their pupils. Hard work, soft skills, interpersonal intelligence, nobility and emotional connectivity are these skills.

 Why is empathy an evergreen quality?

Empathy is a quality that consolidates a sensible society. Empathy helps us realize why emotional maturity is necessary. When we understand others around, we conclude on what makes everyone special. Therefore, when we nurture it as a quality, the values we live by are complete. 

How does the moral and ethical code of conduct secure the future?

Ethical codes of conduct allow us to accept our actions and their consequences. Integrity, diligence, cooperation, coordination and loyalty are the modern values. They make us a complete human being with a semblance of sanity.



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