Jain Heritage School Ranked No.1 in Innovative Teaching and Holistic Development
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 2 May 2018

Jain Heritage School Ranked No.1 in Innovative Teaching and Holistic Development

It's a time for celebration. Jain Heritage School (JHS) has did it again. We are happy to announce to our readers that JHS has been ranked no. 1 for Innovative Teaching and Holistic Development in India by Education Today on 9 December 2017.

Jain Heritage School (JHS) is a part of the prestigious Jain Group of Institutions (JGI Group). JHS is a one of the best day boarding schools located in the Northern part of Bangalore. JHS offers education to the students from Pre-primary level to Grade X. The school is also affiliated with the CBSE Board, New Delhi. The mission of JHS is to create a stimulating, caring and rewarding school environment where every child is a valued member, encouraged and supported to ensure that they achieve their potential to the fullest. At JHS students get exposed to value-based learning. They get an opportunity to learn about cultures, customs and religions of other people. They get developed in the skills which are needed for personal, familial, communal, national and global harmony. JHS believes that education should be for life and not just for living.

Sports education is one of the important and distinctive features of JHS. The school campus includes a swimming pool, a basketball court, a badminton court, a tennis court, and a snooker table, gymnasium, and table tennis hall and yoga center. JHS offers one of the finest professionals for the sports activities. These national and international coaches possess an immense experience in their individual sports. JHS students have received numerous awards and honors in sports. The school has their own selection process of selecting students for their school sports team. The best students are selected from the school teams to represent JHS in various State/National and International sports competitions. The progress of each child is monitored by a special system in sports activities. The progress of the child are mentioned in their quarterly and annual reports so that parents can keep track of their child’s achievements in sports. The reports are also posted on the website.

The student-teacher ratio at JHS is 1:15 and all the classes have around 30-35 students. Apart from the extracurricular activity set up, the school has an academic block which includes classrooms, library, computer labs, AV rooms, science labs, the English Development Center and Contemplative Learning Center. At JHS the classrooms are well-equipped with E-boards (smart board) and audio visual learning aids. It also has well-ventilated, spacious and aesthetically designed staff rooms and air – conditioned AV rooms. The classrooms are also well-lit and well-equipped with teaching instruments that enhances the environment of learning. The seating is planned in a way which adds value to their discussions and sharing of ideas. The library maintains a supportive and nurturing environment which helps in building the knowledge base of students. The print and media collections in the library are designed in a way that supports the curriculum. Manipulative Learning Center is a place where students get exposed to numerous puzzlers and brain teasers. These things helps students to understand the concept of time, space, money, measures, algebra and graphical representation.

JHS also has a unique learning space center known as the Discovery Zone. This place is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography and Environmental Science. The concepts which are taught in the classrooms, are reinforced in various ways at the discovery zone.

JHS has constructed the Arts and Fine Arts studio which helps students to find a new meaning of expression in a creative environment. The informative lab or the computer lab has a dedicated hi-speed internet connection which helps students in a variety of ways using word processing, data bases, graphic presentations power point and desktop publishing. The intensive English language training programs are taken care of in English Language Development Center. This intensive training program helps students to prepare for their academic success and for their future career.

Apart from the mentioned facilities JHS also offers students a well-balanced and nutritious food. The campus has a cafeteria where small mid-day meals are cooked and served. The meals comprises of breakfast, lunch and snacks. Jain Heritage School (JHS) provides safe and secure transport facilities to all the students.

School is a second home for the child as they spent most of their time here learning and developing the skills. It also plays an important role in their overall development. Parents are always advised to choose the No. 1 and the best school for their child future.


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