The Importance of Art Education in Day Boarding Schools
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 12 May 2021

The Importance of Art Education in Day Boarding Schools

Art Education means many things to different people, but the core of it is that it transmits knowledge and education in different fields of arts like music, dance, and visual arts, etc. Society and industry have transformed in such a way that the activities that were earlier performed by humans are being performed by machines in very little time and without any hassles. In the current world, there is a huge demand for innovation and creativity, out-of-the-box ideas, and exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.

Just like any other subject, arts require regular practice. The study of arts has a limited scope of being achieved through occasional learning. Hence, every school must make arts a compulsory subject in the school curriculum. 

The importance of including Arts as a compulsory subject in the school curriculum is as follows:

  1. Improving Positive Attitude: Arts education helpsstudents to develop a positive culture in schools. When schoolsincorporate arts in their curriculum, disciplinary referrals decreasewhereas the effectiveness of guidance and teacher’s ability to meet theneeds of students increases. Learning any musical instrument, painting,learning to dance, or singing is important for any student’s growth andimprovement. An artistic discipline is an important aspect as it helpsstudents to develop character. Adopting positive habits, behavior andattitude are necessary to gain success in any field.

  2. Encourages Creativity: Arts allows students toexpress themselves better than other subjects. It also allows students tolook at things from a different and fresh aspect. This encouragescreativity from a very young age.

  3. Sharpens Critical Intellectual Skills: Arts education helpsstudents in nurturing higher levels of thinking that helps in learningother academic subjects. Through Arts, students learn to scrutinize,explain, see different aspects, and evaluate. It helps them stride througha sea of information to determine the facts that are trustworthy andrelated to a particular topic.

  4. Enhances Essential Skills: As students learn to readmusical notes, compose music, act in a drama or create a painting, etc.they also learn to develop new concepts, enhance their vocabulary, andunderstand a new language, all of which are essential skills.

  5. Perceivable Learning: Painting, drawing, or even sculptingin art class helps students to develop visual-spatial skills, which areimportant for children as they get to know more about the world than justby learning text and numbers. Learning art allows students to simplifycompose and use visual information, and how to make selections based onit.

  6. Creative Learning: Arts education teaches students aboutbeauty, capacity, and agility, in addition to helping them by giving themthe ability to help them understand hardships, promote appreciation, andmake words come alive.

  7. Motivates and Practices Teamwork: Art allows students toexperience how it feels like to be an active team member of a communitythat works together to help achieve a common goal. By working together,students learn to understand the differences and diversity and realizevarious ways in which teamwork contributes to a great performance. In thearts, the students learn to express their intentions, receive and offerconstructive criticism and listen actively to other’s ideas.

  8. Builds Leadership Abilities: Students who participatein Arts develop keen leadership skills and a variety of other skillsincluding decision making, strategy building, planning, and reflection.They are also trained to use these skills efficiently by developing astrong sense of identity and confidence in their abilities.

Why you should enroll your child in Jain Heritage School?
Jain Heritage School takes leadership thoughtfully and places particular emphasis on character development, as a point of distinction. The school’s vision and mission demonstrate the commitment and dedication of faculty and staff, whose scholarly pursuits imbibe a spirit of innovation and bring out an unparalleled academic experience for students. Over the years, the means of achieving our aims have improved, yet its strategies and planning are still deep-rooted to its original vision and origin. Our unflagging commitment to each student's intellectual, moral, and physical growth creates a school that is the epitome of excellence in education.

Jain Heritage School offers many exciting activities to encourage and develop a sense of adventure. The activities organized are carefully devised to discover the value of determination and are designed to sensitize young minds to appreciate the beauty and power of nature. The initiative also includes sessions without chalk and talk and encourages participants to take brisk walks in the search of wisdom that lies within the wilderness. It provides them with diverse opportunities to learn basic skills like communication, leadership, crisis management, and team building in a conducive and challenging environment. ‘Nature is the Best Teacher’ – is the mantra and from an array of its offerings, one can observe many forms of life, flora, and fauna and learn a lot more by sheer observation.


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