How To Keep Class Interesting / Fun Learning
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 3 February 2018

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Keeping students engaged in the class room has been always a biggest challenge for the teachers. There is always a set of students present in the class who will be wandering and they just don’t seem be interested in class room learning. The teacher needs to understand that if a student does not pay attention in the class means they are not absorbing any of the information that is been shared in the classroom and it also indicates that teachers need to work on how to make the class interesting and fun learning.

The study of student boredom suggested that almost 65% of the students feel that 50% of their lectures are boring and 35% of the students find all the class lectures boring. To make the class interesting and fun the teacher and student should come together and make these things happen. Listed below are some of the strategies that can help teachers to make class lectures interesting and a fun place to learn.

1) Turn the classroom into the interactive session A traditional classroom is like a teacher standing in front of all the students and giving lectures. This practice has been followed by a decade now and most of the students will accept this as a boring way of teaching. By turning the classroom into the interactive session, the students will show interest in learning. The classroom lessons can be made interactive by involving students in every lesson. There are different types of learning activities which can be used like Jigsaw co-operative learning activity. The class will be more interesting and will become a fun place for the students when they are involved in their classroom activity.

2) Incorporate some mystery into your lessons: When you don’t know what to expect then learning can be more interesting. Learning can be interesting if we incorporate mystery into our lessons. Don’t just share the information present the same in a mysterious ways? Present the lesson in a unique and unusual way. Try giving a new clue to the students every day until the very last day of the lesson. This is a fun way to make your lesson mysterious and the students will look forward for this type of teaching every day.

3) Use of technology: The class will turn interesting if technology is used in day to day learning. At the present scenario, students love their electronic gadgets and they are also addicted to it. They are looking for a chance where they can use these electronic gadgets. The best way of using technology in classroom is by using smart board. Majority of the schools prefers teaching students using smart board than using the traditional way of teaching. The technology can be used in any way in the classroom and by doing so the interest level of the students in the classroom tremendously goes up.

4) Relate class content to their lives: It gives a greater understanding to the students when the teachers create a new world connection to what students are learning. If the student constantly asks the teacher “why do we need to learn something?” and if the teacher answers in a positive way saying “by learning something it will help you in the betterment of your future” then the students will understand why they must learn and what they must learn. So by creating a real world connection strategy students will have a better understanding of why they need to learn.

5) Create a classroom games: Irrespective of whatever age someone has, everyone likes to play games. Games are the great way to keep yourself engaged. There are times when students don’t even feel like they are learning something as they are so much engaged in games. Any kind of game will help to make classrooms more interesting and it will also help in keeping the students engaged. If students need to improve their vocabulary then they can play Jeopardy, if they need to remember any specific dates in social studies then they can play memory. Games make learning fun and when there are games, there are always a happy children.

6) Given them choices: Choices are not only available for elementary and middle school students, it is also meant for high school students. High school students will also be happy when they get the opportunity to choose. There are different options of choice board menu. The menu options can be of any subjects, topics or content from which the option can create different choice boards. The students who are weak in studies can work one choice board while the students who are good in studies can work on another. Currently students are now offered to make their own choices when it comes to learning. Choice is a powerful motivator as it helps to foster student’s interest.

7) Think out of the box: It is the responsibility of the respective subject teacher to think out of the box to make their lectures interesting. The lesson plans can always be made in a better/creative way instead the same old boring worksheets or lectures where students sit and take down their notes. The school/college can always invite guest lecturers or take the students for a field trip to make the learning more interesting and fun. Anything which is newly introduced in the classroom will be always liked by the students. The teacher can plan their lessons by collaborating with another teacher or by taking students on a virtual field trip. If learning is presented in a different way, then the students will find it more interesting.


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