Child Psychology – The key to understand Your Child Better!
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 29 Apr 2020

Child Psychology - JHS, Bangalore

Child Psychology – The key to understand Your Child Better!

According to renowned psychologist Sigmund Freud, babies at their early stages of life are driven by instinctive and selfish urges but gradually as they grow they start imbibing their parents' values and rules and develop a more realistic approach, which contributes in the development of the child's conscience. Understanding your child as they grow can be one of the most rewarding parts of being a parent. Learning how your child perceives the world, teaching them new skills, and mentoring them as they process new feelings, thoughts and changes is all part of being a parent, and it is often challenging.

Children go through progressive developmental stages, as they grow from birth into adulthood. Environmental, genetic, cultural, social factors all play an important role as children progress from one stage to the next. It's difficult for children to explain what they're going through, thus parents need to closely observe their behavior as this will give them highly valuable information about their child's evolving personality.

Child psychology is an important branch of psychology and the scope of the study involves understanding their motor skills, cognitive development, language skills, social change, emotional development, etc. Lack of awareness about the child's development can often lead to misinterpretation of children's behavior, which in turn leads to poor parenting decisions. Hence, it is important for parents to learn about the changing aspects of child psychology and development to contribute meaningfully towards their child's emotional and mental growth.

Another factor that shapes the child is the school. A school is also called a second home because it is at school where children spend most of their time in life from their formative years till adolescence, along with parents teachers are major contributors in the development of children as they mentor, facilitate and guide them to be responsible citizens.

It is very important for parents to choose the right school for their children, as the foundation that a child receives in school determines their personality, skills, and behavior to a large extent in their later years.

One such school that has been an embodiment in fostering academic excellence and also in creating satisfying, fulfilling and joyous memories for children is Jain Heritage School (JHS) situated in Bangalore. It aims to create a stimulating, caring and rewarding school environment where every child is valued, encouraged and supported to ensure that they achieve their potential to the fullest". The school understands that children's must be dealt with care and strives to build a partnership with the parents. JHS not only gives an excellent foundation to the children but also helps the parents to understand every aspect of their child's growing stages.

In JHS every child is treated as unique, the teachers at the school try to understand the abilities of the child and channelize them in the right direction. The teachers analyze the actions and feelings of the children to provide them the best guidance. The school emphasizes on creating a holistic ambiance for the child that focuses on academics, sports, art, culture, and various other activities to provide the zeal needed for the growing minds.

To enhance your parenting skills and comprehending your child's mind becomes much easier as you choose the right school for your child that focuses on their physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth. The school can act as a valuable resource for the parents to help their children transform through the various stages of development and get a deeper perspective of their child's psychology.



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