CBSE Vs ICSE - Know About the Most Preferred Education Board in India
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 4 Aug 2020


A question that poses to be a difficult one for every parent is whether to enroll your child in CBSE or ICSE? To start with, both the Boards are excellent in what they do to nurture children across the country however their objectives and methods are different, which is why it is important to know which board will help in the academic pursuits of your child.

The Overview of the ISCE Board

The syllabus of the ICSE board is very comprehensive which makes it quite challenging for the students and much emphasis is given practical projects. The certification done as per the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education board is highly recognized, specifically by foreign schools and universities and since the emphasis is laid on English in ICSE, students from this board do have a slight edge over other students in exams like TOEFL as English language and literature and essays are highly emphasized.

However, Students may feel that the syllabus is too vast and an average student in an ICSE board will have to give thirteen subjects/examinations during the sixth grade, whereas in CBSE it is only 6 subjects. ICSE Syllabus is considered to be more difficult than CBSE and parents who have transferable jobs they should enroll their child in CBSE as they won’t find more ICSE schools in the country. CBSE gives instructions in English as well as in Hindi but ICSE follows only English which might be difficult for few students.

Why CBSE IS Popular In India

Educational surveys have shown that CBSE When compared with other boards, the acknowledgment is significantly higher than the others.

CBSE is one of the most popular academic boards in India with more than 8000 schools affiliated to it; hence finding tutors, reference material, and co-academic activities for all classes is easily accessible and available. Even subjects like Science or Maths which often students find it difficult to comprehend are taught with an innovative methodology that engages student’s interests and increases their curiosity to learn more. CBSE significantly has a more student-friendly approach if we were to run a comparison with other boards. Its course structure is intended to guarantee that children receive a stress-free education and books are designed in an intuitive & fascinating manner.

The board heavily encouragers on the use of NCERT books which is the basis of all entrance exams in India, the pattern of teaching in CBSE also helps the students to later clear medical and engineering entrance exams. Now with more than 19,316 CBSE affiliated schools in India, the board is internationally recognized with 141 affiliated schools across 21 countries. A student-friendly futuristic curriculum, globally recognized, application, and experiment-based learning practice, a new introduction to the grading system apart from the traditional marks based education has CBSE one of the most popular choices among the parents for their child. However, the more application-based method to approach the subjects is needed to inculcate in the CBSE curriculum along with more emphasis on core English fundamentals.



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