A Blissful Diwali - a beautiful poem written by JHS student


A Blissful Diwali 

Full of yummy delights,
And colorful bright lights,
Enjoy this Diwali,
With crackers that are Eco-friendly.
Triumph over the victory of good,
With some tasty food!

Dispose away all the evil,
Create happiness and goodwill,
20 days prior to Diwali, we had Dashera,
That brought a smile on everybody's Cherahra*!
As this does show,
Ravana's end,
With an arrow's blow!

But be aware,
And take care
Not to pollute,
As this is worse than a thief's loot!
Because, as we all know, Health
Is Wealth!

Enjoy your Diwali with full of light,
Not with things that give excess smoke when set alight!
Enjoy a Blissfully Bright and Eco-Friendly Diwali!

By Anirudh Iyer


Jain Heritage School