5 Fun Brain Games to Boost Mind Development in Kid
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 22 Apr 2022

5 Fun Brain Games to Boost Mind Development in Kid

5 Fun Brain Games to Boost Mind Development in Kid
In the same manner as physical exercise, brain games facilitate analytical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills in children. As with physical activity, the brain requires its own form of stimulation to function at its best and a mental game can help in the process.

Here are 5 Fun Brain Games that can boost your kid's mental capability

Fun Brain Games Ideas for Children

1. Sudoku
A sensational hit for all ages, this game fortifies the brain against degeneration in older people and boosts brain capability in younger ones. It consists of a grid that has some numbers inside but none outside. The goal is to fill all the gaps with numbers. The one catch of this game is that you cannot repeat the same number in the same column or row. It succeeds in challenging your child to think 3-4 steps ahead, which aids in planning.

2. Code Games
We have grouped the code games like Color Code, Master Mind, and Guess the Code together since they both involve figuring out a random code. Hints are given to help your child deduce what the code could be. These games help your child learn to examine information logically and use it to solve the code problem.

3. Memory Game
As a brain game for children, this game receives high marks for improving kids' memory. The aim is to reveal all the similarly paired flashcards on a grid. Each card can only be revealed once, after which the picture drawn on them is concealed immediately. If two or more cards are similar, their picture side will be made visible again.  So, if your child wants to uncover all the cards he or she must remember where each card is! This memory game helps a child be more attentive and focused by forcing them to recall the correct location of the cards.

4. Word Hunt Game
There are flashcards included in the game with pictures and your child needs to match them with the words that describe each picture. For instance, a flashcard might have a picture of a fish. Here, they need to match the pictures with the word fish, such as water. Objects of the flashcard can be animals, flowers, household objects, etc. This game is great for children who are still learning new words around the age of five, as it helps them to remember names and identify words.

5. Board Games
Snakes 'n' Ladders, Monopoly, Othello, and Chess are all good games you can use to assess your child's social skills. Is your child patient and waiting for their turn? Do they cry and act like sore losers when they lose a game? By playing along with them, you can observe these skills and teach them to lose gracefully and win with dignity.

Parenting is about encouraging your child's brain development. However, you shouldn't force your kids to do things they don't like. Just encourage your child to play the above-mentioned fun games and engage in fun activities and see how everything goes!


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