5 Reasons That Make Jain Heritage School (JHS) The Best Day Boarding School in Bangalore
Posted by Strategic Communications, JGI Group on 6 Sep 2022

5 Reasons That Make Jain Heritage School (JHS) The Best Day Boarding School in Bangalore

When choosing a day boarding school for their children, every parent wants to go the extra mile and choose the best option! This is simply because a day boarding school is more than a school! Students spend more time, participate in various activities and enjoy quality time with their peer group. But not all these boarding schools are the same! While some value academics, others emphasize extracurricular activities. Nonetheless, the best day boarding school can be defined as the one where excellent academic result is cherished, overall personality development is treasured and most importantly, confidence is instilled in students! If you dream of getting your child enrolled into such a day boarding school, Jain Heritage School in Bangalore is the indubitable answer! And we tell you why!

1. Best Learning Environment – Proficient, well-qualified teachers at JHS (Jain Heritage School) ensure the most holistic and ground-breaking education to students. The friendly and encouraging behaviour of these seasoned teachers helps students learn and perform better in academics.

2. Perfect Balance Between Academics & Sports – At JHS, your child gets to enjoy the best balance between sports and academics. While the unique teaching imparted by experts triggers interest in studies, the constant encouragement for participating in sports helps them get stronger both physically and mentally.

3. World Class Infrastructure

» State-of-the - art Classrooms - Enhancing the environment and experience of learning, JHS offers well-ventilated, air-conditioned classrooms designed with sheer creativity and equipped with all modern learning aids.

» Spacious Library - Acting as the knowledge bank for the students, the huge library is home to a diverse collection of study materials. Including both online and offline reading resources, the well-equipped library helps inculcate and encourage reading habits in students.

» The Very Unique Learning Center – Contemplating the significance and role of Mathematics in present times, JHS has designed a unique learning center where students practice and understand various mathematical concepts through a unique numeric strategy.

» Discovery Zone – Stimulating Curiosity – Equipped with different labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, etc, the Discovery Zone at Jain Heritage School fosters innovation, imagination, observation, and inquisitiveness.

» Arts & Fine Arts Studio for Cultural Knowledge – Giving utmost value to culture and creativity, the Arts & Fine Arts Studio at JHS nurtures confidence and inventiveness in children. The music, drama, and speech workshops organized by this Arts Studio act as an ice-breaking exercise for every student.

4. Wide Array of Clubs & Activities - The various clubs like Linguistic Club, Eco-Science Club, Math-Tech & Performing Arts Clubs to many more, Jain Heritage School gives the right opportunity and platform to its student to showcase and sharpen their hidden talents.

5. Nutritious Food Menu - While your child spends his time at JHS, you do not need to worry about his nutrition intake. Jain Heritage School, the best day boarding school in Bangalore offers healthy, delicious, and nutritious meals cooked in the most hygienic environment to its students. Also, the menu for the upcoming week is shared in advance.

Wrapping Up
From avant-garde teaching methods, the best learning environment, superior infrastructure and the most skillful teachers to a diverse range of activities, clubs, and more, Jain Heritage School in Bangalore is certainly the best day boarding school for your child. Visit the campus today to witness all that you have read above!


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