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Arts and Cultural Management
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The Arts

We believe that our students should have as much exposure as possible to their cultural heritage. An opportunity to develop their talents in a creative atmosphere is provided through the study of art, music, drama and speech. JHS has constructed the Arts and Fine Arts studio that enables the students to find a new meaning of expression in a creative environment that challenges them to develop their artistic senses.

The two art forms are:

Visual Arts
Performing Arts

Visual Arts

Terracotta & Styrofoam modeling
Painting & sculpture
Fabric painting
Stained glass painting
Mosaic wire frame model

Performing Arts

At Jain Heritage School, the students specialize in any one of the following under the supervision of a qualified teacher/theatre group. Our offerings in performing arts are -Vocal, Mime, Contemporary Dance, Yakshagana, Keyboard, Drums, Guitar and many more.

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