Avyukth Shreyas of Grade 2 won the "Hall of Fame” Award


Avyukth Shreyas of Grade 2 acquired the "Hall of Fame” Award by Score More Foundation. It is an International Education, Research and Training organization working for excellence in education and promotion of Indian art forms globally for last 15 years.

They organize Smart Indian National Awards every year to honor outstanding Indians in various fields. This year they received more than 400 nominations for the awards of which 15 were selected for Smart Indian Award and 1 for Hall of Fame award by 8 member jury headed by Padmasri Dr. Turlapati Kutumba Rao. The “Hall of fame “award is their most prestigious and highest award which is given to an individual for exceptional achievement in their chosen field.

This year Avyukth Shreyas was selected for this prestigious award for his contribution in multiple sports. This is the first time, they have awarded the "Hall of Fame Award" to a child in their last 15 years of presenting these awards. Thus, he becomes the youngest recipient of this award. Avyukth won the award for his records in 6 different sports - Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis,   Cricket, Throw ball and Basketball.

His record details are below
1) Longest Tennis Rally by a child (India Book of Records)
2) Longest Badminton Rally by a child (India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records)
3) Longest Table Tennis Rally by a child (India Book of Records)
4) Most Consecutive catches by a child in Throw ball (India Book of Records)
5) Youngest to bat right handed and left handed in Cricket (Champions Book of World Records)
6) Youngest to shoot most consecutive baskets in Basketball (Champions Book of World Records)
7) Most Baskets shot in one minute in Basketball (India Book of Records)