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Kudos to Rishi R Garani & the team for publishing the book ”The Castle of Horror.”


JHS is proud to announce the Young authors of JHS - Rishi R Garani of grade 3 and team has published a book “The Castle of Horror.”

Authors of the team and their views

Avni Shetty – Grade 3
I wanted to be in the team so that I can do something and I can develop my skills.

Rishi R Garani – Grade 3
Before Aditi and I created this team. I always dreamt of writing a book and indeed! My dream came true on 24 March 2017. My first book “The Castle of Horror.” While writing this book many people encouraged us but some discouraged as well, however, we never gave up.
Thanks to my teachers, parents and my friends from JHS for their help in this journey. I am a Co – Director of Black Buck Company.

Aditi Manganalli – Grade 3
Since I wanted to become an author when I grow up, so I thought, this would be the right time to start writing a book. In order to collect the ideas and guidance, I sought the help of my friends and we came up with the team called “Black Buck” and I became the Director of the team and my friend Rishi became the Co – Director.

Many people encouraged us but some discouraged us, however, we never gave up. Thanks to my parents, my friends, family and my principal.

Edhashree – Grade 3
At first, when I came to know about this team, I learned new things mainly to share, to be creative, and to have more friends. When we completed the first book “The Castle of Horror”, I was really excited but I never knew that it would publish. Finally, when it got published, I came to know that true friendship is a key to success.

Young authors of JHS - The Castle of Horror   The Castle of Horror book by JHS kids