Jain Heritage School celebrates its 10th Annual Day from 21-23 December 2017


Day - 21 December 2017

Theme: River is a mirror of life, Let us save it

Rivers are the life line of any country as they provide numerous benefits and help to establish major cities and human civilization.

Early Years presents a walk by the river's side and a story narration of The Thirsty crow

Pre Fundamental Orchid presents Creation of water according to Hindu Mythology
Pre Fundamental Daisy showcases the process of the water cycle.
Pre Fundamentals Tulip showcases the conservation of water

The sections of Basic Fundamentals Tulip, Daisy, Lily, Jasmine and Lotus celebrate the origin, importance and benefits of the river around the world crossing various continents.

Basic Fundamentals Orchid send a strong message to save our rivers by presenting Vrishabhavathi River - The forgotten river

Advanced Fundamentals showcases the sacred rivers of India in mythological era.