13 JASE Cup Results


JHS girls participated in 13th Jase Cup Cricket Tennis Ball Tournament for the first time. They won the league matches against DPS (South) and JIRS and entered the finals. In the finals, they emerged as runner-up against DPS (North).

JHS scored 70/1 in 8 overs (Chanchal 32, Tisha 20 Not Out) lost to DPS (North) scored 72/2 in 7 overs in the finals.
Ananya Nelkemane of Grade 8 was declared the best bowler of the tournament.

JHS student Athmica Nadagowda participated in the 13th Jase Cup Badminton Tournament. She won all the Knockout Matches and became the runner-up in the finals under Girls Singles category.

The following students participated in the 13th Jase Cup Karate Tournament and won the medals in the different category.

# Student Name Grade Participated In Place Participated In Place
1 Manish Benjamin John 3 Kumite III Kata II
2 Dhanika Gowda 3 Kumite II NP NP
3 Vidyut Sharma 3 NP NP Kata III
4 Karan Gowda 3 Kumite II NP NP
5 Krrish Iyer 3 Kumite III Kata III
6 Pramukh Chidanand 3 Kumite III NP NP
7 Abhinav M B 3 NP NP Kata II
8 Nikhil Gowda 3 Kumite II NP NP
9 Sahil Ranjith 4 Kumite III NP NP
10 N U Saicharan 4 Kumite II NP NP
11 Brijesh K Reddy 4 NP NP Kata II
12 Ananya R Rao 5 Kumite III Kata III
13 Anirudh Iyer 5 NP NP Kata I
14 Freya Girish Nair 5 Kumite III NP NP
15 Niharika Venugopal 6 Kumite III NP NP
16 Esha Dayal 6 Kumite I NP NP
17 Johan Khan 6 Kumite III NP NP
18 Pranav R 6 Kumite I Kata I
19 Vaishnavi Sreeharsha Rao 6 Kumite III Kata III
20 Saanvi Iyer 6 Kumite II Kata III
21 Yeshica Laxmi 6 Kumite I Kata III
22 Adwaitha Rama 6 Kumite II NP NP
23 Moulyaa 6 NP NP Kata II
24 Neal R Jain 7 Kumite III Kata III
25 Dhruv Jain 8 Kumite I Kata I
26 Kyraa Pires 9 Kumite I NP NP

NP - Not Participated