JHS in association with ISKCON organizes an Inter School Cultural Fest, "Heritage Fest"


Jain Heritage School in association with ISKCON is organizing an Inter School Cultural Fest, "Heritage Fest" on Tuesday, 8 August 2017 in its campus.

Every year, as a part of Janmashtami celebration, ISKCON Bangalore organizes Heritage Fest, an entertaining and enlivening grand inter-school cultural carnival for children. At its core, the program is aimed at imbibing in children, respect of our rich legacy through the spirit of enthusiastic participation and healthy competition.

The fest will have eight streams of events with over 75 contests providing the opportunity to the children to participate in events that exude the authentic flavor of Indian cultural heritage. These events will include dance, music, sacred chants, decoration, theatre, drawing, and literary and oratory events. This year, for the first time, JHS has also included a few contests for joint participation of parents and children under the category of 'Vatsalya events'.

Kanasugara Kalam, Jain Heritage School